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* FXRuby -- the Ruby language bindings for the FOX GUI toolkit.
* Copyright (c) 2001-2009 by Lyle Johnson. All Rights Reserved.
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
* For further information please contact the author by e-mail
* at "".
class FXMDIClient;
class FXMenuButton;
class FXButton;
class FXFont;
/// MDI Child Window styles
enum {
MDI_NORMAL = 0, /// Normal display mode
MDI_MAXIMIZED = 0x00001000, /// Window appears maximized
MDI_MINIMIZED = 0x00002000, /// Window is iconified or minimized
MDI_TRACKING = 0x00004000 /// Track continuously during dragging
* The MDI child window contains the application work area in a Multiple Document
* Interface application. GUI Controls are connected to the MDI child via delegation
* through the MDI client, which forwards messages it receives to the active MDI child.
* The MDI child itself tries to further delegate messages to its single content window,
* and if not handled there, to its target object.
* When the MDI child is maximized, it sends a SEL_MAXIMIZE message; when the MDI
* child is minimized, it sends a SEL_MINIMIZE message. When it is restored, it
* sends a SEL_RESTORE message to its target.
* The MDI child also notifies its target when it becomes the active MDI child, via the
* SEL_SELECTED message. The void* in the SEL_SELECTED message refers to the previously
* active MDI child, if any.
* When an MDI child ceases to be the active window, a SEL_DESELECTED message
* is sent to its target, and the void* in the SEL_DESELECTED message refers to the newly
* activated MDI child, if any.
* Thus, interception of SEL_SELECTED and SEL_DESELECTED allows the target object to determine
* whether the user switched between MDI windows of the same document (target) or merely between
* two MDI windows belonging to the same document.
* When the MDI child is closed, it first sends a SEL_DESELECTED to its target to
* notify it that it is no longer the active window; next, it sends a SEL_CLOSE message
* to its target to allow the target to clean up (for example, destroy the document
* if this was the last window of the document).
* The target can prevent the MDI child window from being closed by returning 1 from
* the SEL_CLOSE message handler (objection). If the target returns 0 or does not
* handle the SEL_CLOSE message, the MDI child will be closed.
* If the MDI child windows was not closed, the child window will be reselected
* as the currently active MDI child widget, and a SEL_SELECTED will be sent to
* its target to notify it of this fact.
* The SEL_UPDATE message can be used to modify the MDI child's title (via
* ID_SETSTRINGVALUE), and window icon (via ID_SETICONVALUE).
class FXMDIChild : public FXComposite {
FXString title; // Window title
FXMenuButton *windowbtn; // Window button
FXButton *minimizebtn; // Minimize button
FXButton *restorebtn; // Restore button
FXButton *maximizebtn; // Maximize buton
FXButton *deletebtn; // Close button
FXFont *font; // Title font
FXColor baseColor; // Colors
FXColor hiliteColor;
FXColor shadowColor;
FXColor borderColor;
FXColor titleColor;
FXColor titleBackColor;
FXint iconPosX; // Saved icon position
FXint iconPosY;
FXint iconWidth;
FXint iconHeight;
FXint normalPosX; // Saved normal position
FXint normalPosY;
FXint normalWidth;
FXint normalHeight;
FXint spotx; // Grab-spot of mouse on window
FXint spoty;
FXint xoff; // Mouse offset to add
FXint newx; // New location of window
FXint newy;
FXint neww;
FXint newh;
FXuchar mode; // Dragging mode
void drawRubberBox(FXint x,FXint y,FXint w,FXint h);
void animateRectangles(FXint ox,FXint oy,FXint ow,FXint oh,FXint nx,FXint ny,FXint nw,FXint nh);
FXuchar where(FXint x,FXint y) const;
void changeCursor(FXuchar which);
enum {
long onPaint(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onEnter(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onLeave(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onFocusSelf(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onFocusIn(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onFocusOut(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onRightBtnPress(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onRightBtnRelease(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onLeftBtnPress(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onLeftBtnRelease(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onMiddleBtnPress(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onMiddleBtnRelease(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onMotion(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_EVENT);
long onSelected(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_MDICHILD);
long onDeselected(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_MDICHILD);
long onCmdClose(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onUpdClose(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdRestore(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onUpdRestore(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onUpdMaximize(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onUpdMinimize(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdMaximize(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdMinimize(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onUpdWindow(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onUpdMenuRestore(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onUpdMenuMinimize(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onUpdMenuClose(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onUpdMenuWindow(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_IGNORE);
long onCmdSetStringValue(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_STRING);
long onCmdGetStringValue(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_STRING); // FIXME
long onCmdSetIconValue(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_STRING); // FIXME
long onCmdGetIconValue(FXObject*,FXSelector,void* PTR_STRING); // FIXME
%extend {
/// Construct MDI Child window with given name and icon
FXMDIChild(FXMDIClient* p,const FXString& name,FXIcon* ic=NULL,FXPopup* pup=NULL,FXuint opts=0,FXint x=0,FXint y=0,FXint w=0,FXint h=0){
return new FXRbMDIChild(p,name,ic,pup,opts,x,y,w,h);
/// Change normal (restored) position
void setNormalX(FXint x);
void setNormalY(FXint y);
void setNormalWidth(FXint w);
void setNormalHeight(FXint h);
/// Return normal (restored) position
FXint getNormalX() const;
FXint getNormalY() const;
FXint getNormalWidth() const;
FXint getNormalHeight() const;
/// Change iconified position
void setIconX(FXint x);
void setIconY(FXint y);
void setIconWidth(FXint w);
void setIconHeight(FXint h);
/// Return iconified position
FXint getIconX() const;
FXint getIconY() const;
FXint getIconWidth() const;
FXint getIconHeight() const;
/// Return content window
FXWindow *contentWindow() const;
/// Change MDI Child's title
void setTitle(const FXString& name);
/// Get current title
FXString getTitle() const;
/// Get colors
FXColor getHiliteColor() const;
FXColor getShadowColor() const;
FXColor getBaseColor() const;
FXColor getBorderColor() const;
FXColor getTitleColor () const;
FXColor getTitleBackColor() const;
/// Change colors
void setHiliteColor(FXColor clr);
void setShadowColor(FXColor clr);
void setBaseColor(FXColor clr);
void setBorderColor(FXColor clr);
void setTitleColor(FXColor clr);
void setTitleBackColor(FXColor clr);
/// Return TRUE if maximized
FXbool isMaximized() const;
/// Return TRUE if minimized
FXbool isMinimized() const;
/// Get window icon
FXIcon *getIcon() const;
/// Set window icon
void setIcon(FXIcon* icon);
/// Get window menu
FXPopup* getMenu() const;
/// Set window menu
void setMenu(FXPopup* menu);
/// Set tracking instead of just outline
void setTracking(FXbool tracking=false);
/// Return true if tracking
FXbool getTracking() const;
/// Set title font
void setFont(FXFont *fnt);
/// Get title font
FXFont* getFont() const;
/// Destroy
virtual ~FXMDIChild();
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