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-* FIX (list of features or problems)
+FXRuby supportes everything of FOX, that is useful in Ruby:
+* MDI/SDI application window layouts, floating toolbars
+* Rich set of controls (tables, imagelists, menus, canvas, ...)
+* Flexible layout management
+* Image read/write support in many formats
+* Embedded OpenGL graphic
-* sudo gem install fxruby
+FXRuby runs on Linux, Windows and OS-X. Installation on *nix requires
+FOX development headers and libraries installed:
+* on Debian/Ubuntu: <tt>sudo apt-get install libfox-1.6-dev</tt>
+* see detailed installation instructions in the { Wiki}
+On Windows the binary gem is downloaded.
+* gem install fxruby
The directory structure is:

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