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Algorithm Selection for Combinatorial Search Problems: A Survey

This repository contains the sources for the summary table of the algorithm selection survey, available online at


The main source is summary.tex. Compile it with LaTeX, then run bibtex, which will pick up the references in survey.bib. This will generate the document with the table.

To generate the web version, go to the web/ subdirectory and run This will update lit.json. index.html should be updated manually with the last modified date as appropriate.


To add new references, add the bib entry to survey.bib and a new entry in the table in summary.tex using the format that the other entries use. Please try to keep the descriptions in the columns short and use terms that already exist if possible so that the entries group together nicely.


If you find this reference useful, please cite

Kotthoff, Lars. "Algorithm Selection for Combinatorial Search Problems: A Survey." AI Magazine, 2014.

  title = {Algorithm Selection for Combinatorial Search Problems: A survey},
  author = {Kotthoff, Lars},
  journal = {{AI} Magazine},
  volume = {35},
  number = {3},
  pages = {48--60},
  year = {2014}


I'd like to thank Marius Lindauer, Kobi Gal, Tiago Cunha, Akrem Benatia, and Mengqi Hu, who provided references for this summary.

Additional References

The following list of references is relevant, but not included because the papers are behind a paywall I do not have access to them:

  • Tor Gunnar Houeland, Agnar Aamodt; "A learning system based on lazy metareasoning"; Progress in Artificial Intelligence, June 2018, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 129-146
  • Wojciech Bożejko, Andrzej Gnatowski, Teodor Niżyński, Michael Affenzeller, Andreas Beham; "Local Optima Networks in Solving Algorithm Selection Problem for TSP"; International Conference on Dependability and Complex Systems 2018