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CrashMail II is a Fidonet Tosser/Scanner/Areafix manager for Linux

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CrashMail II

CrashMail II is a Fidonet tosser/scanner with a built-in AreaFix implementation, support for Binkley style outbound (BSO), and message filtering capabilities.

This is a fork of Johan Billing's CrashMail II distribution. Major changes in this fork include:

  • Support for 64-bit operating (POSIX) operating systems.
  • A revamped build system with integrated testing
  • No more support for non-POSIX operating systems.

If you run into any problems with this code, plase report them to the project bugtracker.


To compile CrashMail II, run make:


To run the test suite:

make tests

To install everything:

make install

If you are building packages, the Makefile supports the standard DESTDIR= option.


The man page for crashlist says:

Pointlists should be in BinkleyTerm format and should be specified after the real nodelists.

I wasn't sure what exactly a BinkleyTerm format pointlist should look like. Looking through the code, the following seems to work. Given a nodelist that looks like this:


Then your pointlist could look like this:


Or like this (if you are running CrashMail > 0.86):



(This is the original copyright notice from doc/ReadMe.txt)

JAMLIB is copyright (c) 1999 Björn Stenberg. JAMLIB is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, See src/jamlib/jamlib.doc for more information.

Except where explicitly stated otherwise, all other parts of CrashMail are copyright 1999 Johan Billing. Permission to use, copy and distribute CrashMail is granted provided that this copyright notice is included. Permission to modify CrashMail is granted. Distributing modified versions of CrashMail is allowed provided that the documentation clearly states that it is a modified version. Parts of CrashMail may be freely used in other projects as long as the documentation mentions the original copyright holder.


CrashMail II was originally written by Johan Billing,

This port is maintained by Lars Kellogg-Stedman (netmail to 1:322/761).

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