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Docker Container for Logitech Media Server

This is a Docker image for running the Logitech Media Server package (aka SqueezeboxServer).

Run Directly:

docker run -d --init \
           -p 9000:9000 \
           -p 9090:9090 \
           -p 3483:3483 \
           -p 3483:3483/udp \
           -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \
           -v <local-state-dir>:/srv/squeezebox \
           -v <audio-dir>:/srv/music \

The web interface runs on port 9000. If you also want this available on port 80 (so you can use http://yourserver/ without a port number as the URL), you can add -p 80:9000, but you must also include -p 9000:9000 because the players expect to be able to contact the server on that port.

Using docker-compose

There is a docker-compose.yaml included in this repository that you will let you bring up a Logitech Media Server container using docker-compose. The compose file includes the following:

  - ${AUDIO_DIR}:/srv/music

To provide a value for AUDIO_DIR, create a .env file that points AUDIO_DIR at the location of your music library, for example:

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