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An Emacs library for querying, editing and submitting freedb entries
Emacs Lisp Perl
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cddb.el is a package for querying, editing and submitting FreeDB

The idea is that you get a list of frames from some source -- for
instance, by using the cd-discid program to examine a CD's Table Of
Contents.  The format may differ from program to program, but an
example function is included in cddb.el, `cddb-get-toc-with-discid'.
You'd use the output from this function as the input to `cddb-query',
which will query FreeDB, and give you a buffer with the results.  You
can edit the results, and submit the changes.

Set `cddb-cdrom-device' to something useful before trying to use the
sample function.

  (setq cddb-cdrom-device "/dev/scd0")

The command `cddb-read-cd' is a likely start.  Put a CD in your
player, and `M-x cddb-read-cd' to see if you get any results.

cddb.el requires expect.el and a program that can give you a TOC, like

It is written by Lars Magne Ingbrigtsen <>, and is
released under the GNU General Public License.

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