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ewp is an Emacs package to post and edit posts and pages on blogging platforms like Wordpress.

See https://lars.ingebrigtsen.no/2018/10/02/editing-wordpress-articles-in-emacs/ for details.


Set Up

To get started, put something like the following in your .emacs:

   (push "~/src/ewp" load-path)
   (autoload 'ewp-blogs "ewp.el" "List Wordpress blogs" t)
   (setq ewp-blog-addresses '("blog.example.org" "other.blog.com"))

and then `M-x ewp-blogs' to start browsing.


There are five different modes made available by this package:


  • RET: Select the blog under point.
  • g: Regenerate based on `ewp-blog-addresses'


  • RET: Browse the post/page under point with eww.
  • e: Edit the blog post/page under point.
  • n: Create a new post.
  • N: Create a new page.
  • p: Preview the draft under point in an external web browser.
  • g: Rescan the list of blog posts/pages on this blog.
  • M: List the media on this blog.
  • C: List the comments on this blog.
  • c: Make a comment.
  • : Load more posts.


  • C-c C-a: Treat the contents of the kill ring as an URL and insert it as <a href="..."></a>
  • C-c C-b: Yank the contents of a kill ring into <blockquote>.
  • C-c C-c: Post your edits to the blog. This will update your Wordpress.
  • C-c C-d: Download the image in the kill ring and insert it.
  • C-c C-i: Insert an image into the buffer.
  • C-c C-l: Remove one layer of HTML tagging.
  • C-c C-m: Yank the current text/html markup from the X selection.
  • C-c C-n: Extract the ... bit from the region.
  • C-c C-o: Quote HTML entities in region.
  • C-c C-p: Yank the current text/jpeg X selection.
  • C-c C-q: Remove image thumbnails.
  • C-c C-r: Prompt for an HTML tag and insert the pair around the region.
  • C-c C-s: Import a screenshot.
  • C-c C-t: Prompt for an HTML tag and insert a <tag></tag> pair.
  • C-c C-u: Unfill a paragraph.
  • C-c C-z: Schedule later posting.
  • TAB: In the Categories header, provide category completion.


  • RET: Look at the media item (i.e., image) under point
  • SPACE: Toggle marking the item under point.
  • n: Look at the image under point and goto next line
  • w: Copy the image under point to the kill ring as an <img> construct
  • u: Copy the URL under point to the kill ring.
  • g: Rescan the media list.
  • : Load more media.


  • g: Rescan.
  • a: Approve the comment under point.
  • h: Hold (unapprove) the comment under point.
  • d: Delete (trash) the comment under point.
  • u: Undelete a previously deleted comment.
  • r: Reply to a comment.
  • RET: Display the comment under point.
  • : Load more comments.

Commands in Dired buffers

  • `M-x ewp-dired-copy-as-kill'
  • `M-x ewp-dired-upload-media'