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Python library for the Turn Touch bluetooth smart home remote.
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TurnTouch Python library

This library provides support for the Turn Touch bluetooth smart home remote.

It is written in Python 3, originally for use with Home Assistant.


Install this library from PyPI:

pip install TurnTouch

Scanning for Turn Touch devices

Note: Scanning requires root privileges on Linux. To avoid this, skip to the next section and connect to the device without scanning.

import turntouch

# Example 1: Find all devices
devices = turntouch.scan()

# Example 2: Find just one device
device = turntouch.scan(only_one=True)[0]

# Example 3: Extend scan timeout to 60 seconds (default is 10)
devices = turntouch.scan(timeout=60)

turntouch.scan() returns a list of turntouch.TurnTouch objects. A connection is automatically opened to each device, so it is ready to use.

turntouch.TurnTouch is a subclass of bluepy.btle.Peripheral.

Interacting with a Turn Touch device

import turntouch

# Connect to a device by MAC address
tt = turntouch.TurnTouch('c0:ff:ee:c0:ff:ee')

# Read the device nickname and battery percentage
print("Name: {}\nBattery: {}".format(, tt.battery))

# Update the device nickname (max. 32 characters) = 'Living Room Remote'

Listening for button presses

from turntouch import TurnTouch, DefaultActionHandler

class MyHandler(DefaultActionHandler):
    def action_north(self):
        print("Up button pressed.")
    def action_east_double_tap(self):
        print("Right button double-tapped.")
    def action_south_hold(self):
        print("Down button held.")

tt = TurnTouch('c0:ff:ee:c0:ff:ee')
tt.handler = MyHandler()

# One-liner alternative (same as listen_forever)
TurnTouch('c0:ff:ee:c0:ff:ee', handler=MyHandler(), listen=True)

See the Actions section for a full list of actions.

More advanced usage

Here's a more complex example, triggering some existing functions.

import turntouch

# Define a handler
class MyFancyHandler(turntouch.DefaultActionHandler):

    def __init__(some_object, other_function):
        """Use the __init__ method to pass references to parts of your code,
        such as objects, methods, or variables."""
        self.thing_1 = some_object
        self.other_func = other_function

    def action_any(action):
        """Special handler which is fired for ALL actions.
        `action` is an instance of turntouch.Action."""
        if == "North":
        elif in ["South", "East", "West"]:

    def action_south_hold():
        print("You can combine per-button handlers with action_any!")

# Instantiate the handler, passing some application data into it
my_handler = MyFancyHandler(some_object_from_my_application, a_function)

# Scan until we find a device
devices = []
while not devices:
    devices = turntouch.scan(only_one=True)
tt = devices[0]

# Assign the handler to your device.
tt.handler = my_handler


Listening for just one button press

If you don't want the listener to run forever, do this:

tt = TurnTouch('c0:ff:ee:c0:ff:ee', handler=SomeHandler)
tt.listen()  # Will return as soon as one action occurs.

Error handling

Connection failures will raise turntouch.TurnTouchException. You may want to catch and ignore this exception to retry connecting.


  • action_any
  • action_off
  • action_north
  • action_north_double_tap
  • action_north_hold
  • action_east
  • action_east_double_tap
  • action_east_hold
  • action_west
  • action_west_double_tap
  • action_west_hold
  • action_south
  • action_south_double_tap
  • action_south_hold
  • action_multi_north_east
  • action_multi_north_west
  • action_multi_north_south
  • action_multi_east_west
  • action_multi_east_south
  • action_multi_west_south
  • action_multi_north_east_west
  • action_multi_north_east_south
  • action_multi_north_west_south
  • action_multi_east_west_south
  • action_multi_north_east_west_south
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