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Vulkan Multi-GPU application
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Vulkan Multi-GPU application This program visualizes a single rotating mesh loaded from an obj file, using multiple GPUs with sort-first or sort-last approaches. It provides a command line interface for passing options. run vmgpu --help for more info. This depends on my abstraction library for Vulkan, bp.


In order to build vmgpu you need boost (for program_options and filesystem), Qt (at least 5.10), and Vulkan SDK (or the appropriate vulkan package from your package manager of choice).

git clone --recurse-submodules $SOURCE_DIR
cd $SOURCE_DIR/bp/external/shaderc/third_party
git clone
git clone
git clone spirv-tools
git clone spirv-headers
cmake <options> $SOURCE_DIR

It is possible to build with Visual Studio, though I have had little success in compiling and linking boost with Visual Studio, so that is left as an exercise for the user. I recommend either using linux, or an MSYS2 environment on windows (mingw-w64 compiler), where boost, Qt and vulkan packages are available from the package manager.

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