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/* SimplexNoise1234, Simplex noise with true analytic
* derivative in 1D to 4D.
* Author: Stefan Gustavson, 2003-2005
* Contact:
* This code was GPL licensed until February 2011.
* As the original author of this code, I hereby
* release it into the public domain.
* Please feel free to use it for whatever you want.
* Credit is appreciated where appropriate, and I also
* appreciate being told where this code finds any use,
* but you may do as you like.
/** \file
\brief Header for "simplexnoise1234.c" for producing Perlin simplex noise.
\author Stefan Gustavson (
* This is a clean, fast, modern and free Perlin Simplex noise function.
* It is a stand-alone compilation unit with no external dependencies,
* highly reusable without source code modifications.
* Note:
* Replacing the "float" type with "double" can actually make this run faster
* on some platforms. Having both versions could be useful.
/** 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D float Perlin simplex noise
float snoise1( float x );
float snoise2( float x, float y );
float snoise3( float x, float y, float z );
float snoise4( float x, float y, float z, float w );
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