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Cut, copy and paste files from the clipboard in a Linux terminal
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Cut, copy and paste files from the clipboard in a Linux terminal.


Clipboard-files provides a series of command line operations to cut, copy and paste files from the desktop environment clipboard with a Linux terminal. Files and folders can be copied and moved, to and from file manager applications, as well as between terminal instances.

The usage commands: ccopy, ccut, cpaste, cshow and cclear are symbolic links to the main script named clipboard-files in order to have short and concise command names.

Read a little blog post about the script here:


  • ccut FILE [FILE]... Cut files or folders to clipboard
  • ccopy FILE [FILE]... Copy files or folders to clipboard
  • cpaste Paste from clipboard to the current dir
  • cshow Show files on clipboard
  • cclear Clear clipboard without any file operations
  • . ccd cd to the dir of the 1st file on clipboard
  • clipboard-files Show help


$ ccopy file1.txt file2.jpg
2 item(s) copied to clipboard
$ cshow
Operation: copy
$ cd folder/
$ cpaste
Copying the following items(s) to current dir:
$ ccut *
2 item(s) cut to clipboard
$ cd ..
$ cpaste
Moving the following items(s) to current dir:


The script may not work in all desktop environments. The following should be supported:

  • Gnome
  • Mate
  • Unity
  • XFCE


The following commands will install the script in /usr/bin/ and create the required command symlinks.

Go to a temporary folder and run:

git clone
sudo cp clipboard-files/clipboard-files /usr/bin/
cd /usr/bin
sudo ln -s clipboard-files ccopy
sudo ln -s clipboard-files ccut
sudo ln -s clipboard-files cpaste
sudo ln -s clipboard-files cshow
sudo ln -s clipboard-files cclear
sudo ln -s clipboard-files ccd

The script requires xclip. Install it with:

sudo apt install xclip


cd /usr/bin
sudo rm clipboard-files ccut ccopy cpaste cshow cclear ccd

To remove xclip:

sudo apt purge xclip

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