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Just Search Portal
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Just Search Portal

The Just Search Portal is single file static HTML page that simply provides a search bar and buttons for submitting the query to search engines. The page is made with a focus on not distracting the user and on privacy. No ads or recent activity is shown like in many New Tab pages in modern browsers, and the search query is only sent to the chosen search engine.

Try it here: Just Search Portal.

Read more on my blog page here.

Technical features

  • The page is contained in a single HTML file suitable for use as a local web browser start page.
  • Javascript is used to generate the search buttons from an array of search engines in the code
  • The user can select default search engine(s) to be searched when hitting Enter. Multiple search engines can be hit simultaneously with this feature
  • The state of default search engines is stored in a persistent cookie
  • A favicon is provided in the HTML using base64 encoding and javascript
  • A viewport hack is utilized to make the page usable on mobile devices
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