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MidiMixFix - a device for mixing and modifying MIDI data - now open source and open hardware
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Now open source!

Midimixfix is a standalone MIDI processing unit with custom designed electronics and software for mixing and processing streams of MIDI.

Features at a glance

  • Two MIDI inputs and one MIDI output.
  • Two pedal inputs assignable to MIDI controllers.
  • All inputs can have their MIDI channels filtered, reassigned, merged or individually processed very flexibly. MIDI messages can be modified and generated.
  • Midimixfix is independent of a PC. Configuration is done using the buttons and display.
  • Transformation of continuous MIDI message values based on configurable curves.
  • Splitting of polyphony into seperate monophonic MIDI channels for control of individual notes.
  • Aftertouch processing, smoothing and reassignment to other controllers.
  • Conditional processing based on triggers or keyboard split.
  • Analysis of MIDI data with the MIDI logger feature.
  • Save/Load of configuration presets. One preset is loaded at start up.
  • Software in Midimixfix can be upgraded using the USB connection.


Back of midimixfix


Read more here:

Youtube video demonstrations:

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