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🤖 Super easy to use IRC bot library for LDPL.
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🤖 IRCBot.ldpl

A super easy to use IRC bot library for LDPL. It lets you write LDPL programs that connect to IRC servers, join channels, send messages and more in the simplest way possible.

How to set up

To use this library you must have an LDPL compiler newer than or equal to LDPL 3.0.4 (this library uses the EXTERNAL SUB-PROCEDURE statement introduced in said version).

To add IRCBot.ldpl to your LDPL project you must include ircbot.cpp in your compilation line like this:

$ ldpl -i=ircbot.cpp myLdplSource.ldpl

Example and documentation

The file ircbot.ldpl is an example of how to use this library. The library is also documented within that file.

To compile ircbot.ldpl run $ ldpl -i=ircbot.cpp ircbot.ldpl -o=ircbot.


IRCBot.ldpl is heavily based on SirLogsalot by Gokberk Yaltirakli. His code is released under the MIT LICENSE and so is this library.

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