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A line editor written in LDPL inspired by ed and sed.
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led, the LDPL Text Editor, is a line text editor written in LDPL, inspired by the ed and sed text editors, but friendlier!

Watch led in action!


Building led

Clone this repository, cd it and run ldpl led.ldpl -o=led. Done!


You can download pre-compiled binaries of led for amd64 Linux from the releases section of this repository.


Run led <file> to open <file> and edit it. Alternatively you can just run led to create a new, empty file.

led has working two modes, command mode and append mode. When in command mode, all text entered is interpreted as a command. When in append mode, all text entered is appended to a buffer. To exit append mode, enter a line with just a dot in it (.).


  • h shows this command list.
  • l lists the contents of the buffer.
  • l <from> lists the buffer from line <from>.
  • l <from> <count> lists <count> lines from the buffer from line <from>.
  • a enters append mode.
  • a <from> enters append mode and appends text to the buffer at line <from>.
  • d <line> deletes line <line> from the buffer.
  • d <from> <count> deletes <count> lines from the buffer from line <from>.
  • i s file information.
  • q exits led.
  • c clears the screen.
  • s saves the buffer to a file.
  • n changes the name of the destination file.
  • r <line> allows retyping of line <line>.


led was created by Lartu and is released under the GPLv3 license.

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