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README.markdown is a website built by and for the Los Angeles Ruby users' group. Its purpose is both to be a tool to promote and enhance LARuby and to be a project where LARuby members can work together to learn to be better coders. is a collaborative effort of various Ruby Programmers in Los Angeles

Getting Started

Getting started is easy:

  1. Clone the code in github.

    $ git clone git://

  2. Install the Rails 2.3.3 gem if needed.

    $ sudo gem install -v 2.3.3 rails

  3. Copy database.yml.init to database.yml.

    $ cp config/database.yml.init config/database.yml

  4. Install the required gems.

    $ sudo rake gems:install

  5. Create the database and load the schema.

    $ rake db:create db:schema:load

  6. Run the specs.

    $ rake spec

At this point, you should get a successful test run that looks something like this:

$ rake spec
(in /Users/you/projects/

Finished in 0.419873 seconds

68 examples, 0 failures

$ RAILS_ENV=test cucumber
Feature: Home Page Links
  In order to navigate site
  As a user
  I want to see links

  Scenario: Top Navigation Links                            # features/home_page_links.feature:6
    Given I am on the homepage                              # features/step_definitions/webrat_steps.rb:6
    When I view the page, I should see "2" navigation links # features/step_definitions/page_link_steps.rb:2
    Then I should see the "Home" link                       # features/step_definitions/page_link_steps.rb:6
    And I should see the "About" link                       # features/step_definitions/page_link_steps.rb:6

1 scenario (1 passed)
4 steps (4 passed)

That's it, you're ready to go! Contact us through the laruby-codejam Google group or #laruby irc channel on freenode for more information.

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