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Dominions 3 Editor

This application can be used to help create/edit .dm files used to add and change content to the Dominions 3 computer game. This program gives help to the mod developer through the use of syntax coloring, code completion, error marking and integrated help. In addition to the text editor there is also a form interface that helps identify the possible values for each of the moddable objects in the game. This is also a help when browsing existing mods as you can easily see what has changed and what the default values were. All of the stats and sprites from the base game are included for easy browsing of existing mods. I hope this application makes mod creation for Dominions 3 easier for everyone.

Getting Started

Learn how to get started with dom3editor.


Download Windows version 1.1 of the application HERE.

Download Linux version 1.1 of the application HERE.

Download Mac version 1.1 of the application HERE.


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