A Noteworthy composer to MusicXML converter.
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The primary goal of this project is to provide a library to convert NWC scores to MusicXML. Then, Noteworthy users will be able to share their scores with others scorewriters, especially free ones such as MuseScore. For the time being, the library support only NWCtxt and you need a copy of NoteWhorthy composer to save a NWC file to NWCtxt.

The converter is also available online as a webservice on Google App Engine at https://nwc2musicxml.appspot.com/

If you find the software useful you can donate.


  • Multiple staves & voices, invisible staff not exported
  • Notes, rests, accidentals, dots, time signature
  • Key signature (not the customized ones)
  • Clefs included octave shift
  • Tie & slurs, triplets
  • Line breaks
  • Lyrics
  • Metadata: Title, author, lyricist, copyright
  • Staccato, tenuto & accent, noteheads
  • Dynamics (mf, p ...) & custom texts
  • Midi info for staff
  • Beaming
  • Flow control : Coda, Segno, ...

Not yet supported

  • Chord symbols, grace notes
  • Dynamic variation
  • Layout information

Thanks to Noteworthy Software for giving me a free licence for testing purpose.