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how can I use with rails 2.3.8? #62

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It currently has a dependency on activesupport there a way I can use it with 2.3.8?


v1.0.2 is Rails 2.3 compatible. config.gem 'vestal_versions', :version => '~> 1.0' in your config/environment.rb will get you there. Or if you're using bundler, as your comment in #65 suggests, go with gem 'vestal_versions', '1.0.2' in your Gemfile.


version 1.0.2 uses column t.text :changes in versions table so in Rails 2.3.14 it run into this error:

ActiveRecord::UnknownAttributeError: unknown attribute: changes

is it possible to fix it in a 1.0.3 version compatible with rails 2.3.x?


berga, I'm using 1.0.2 w/ Rails 2.3.14 and I don't get any errors so I don't think it's related to a probable VV incompatibility with 2.3.14. Can you stack trace the error to see its origin? I don't know if the schema changed for the Rails 3 version but if so, make sure your environment loads the correct VV gem if you got the newer gem installed on the system (and if you don't use rvm gemsets or bundler).


hi, I was using config.gem 'vestal_versions', :version => '1.0.2' and freezed gem under vendor/gems.
I've forked and pushed my refactoring to use column named "modifications" under: and tag: 1.0.3 and this is working for me.
info: I'm using ree 1.8.7

@conroywhitney conroywhitney referenced this issue from a commit in quirkyinc/vestal_versions
Marco Bergantin try to fix issue #62 for rails 2.3.x compat 9f5959c

No plans to have Rails 2 compatibility going forward. Thanks!

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