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Hadoop MapReduce tool to convert Avro data files to Parquet format.
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Hadoop MapReduce program to convert Avro data files to Parquet format.


git clone
cd avro2parquet
mvn clean package

This will generate the jar files in the target/ directory.


This tool will work on Avro container files (which I believe is just the standard Avro data file format). It contains the Avro GenericRecord objects as the key and a NullWritable as the value.

The tool is currently hardcoded to output Snappy-compressed Parquet. It is simply a MapReduce job using the Tool interface.

The command is like so:

hadoop jar <avro2parquet jar file> \ \
<and generic options to the JVM> \
hdfs:///path/to/avro/schema.avsc \
hdfs:///path/to/avro/data \

so for example:

hadoop jar avro2parquet-0.1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar \ \
-D \
hdfs:///user/lasersou/schemas/data.avsc \
hdfs:///user/lasersou/data \
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