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Example of building a conan package with CLion IDE
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CLion Conan Example

This repository contains a Clion project with libpng 1.6.29 and conan support. Follow the Clion integration guide

Build the project with CLion

  • Open this directory with CLion => File => Open.

  • Install the libpng dependencies:

    • Go to cmake-build-debug folder and run:

          conan install . -s build_type=Debug --install-folder=cmake-build-debug

    It will install the zlib requirements and will generate a conanbuildinfo.cmake file. Repeat the process for the different build configurations specifing the settings accordingly.

    Now you can inspect/debug the zlib.h file, it will point to your conan local cache.

  • Build with the CLion IDE normally.

Build/test the conan package

  • Use your CLion IDE to build the library
  • If you want to use the local conan funtcion package to see if everything looks fine in your conan package files:
    conan package . --build-folder cmake-build-debug --package-folder=mypackage

This command will copy all the conan package files to the local mypackage directory.

  • If you want to directly export the package to the local cache use conan export-pkg command:
  conan export-pkg . mylibrary/1.0@myuser/channel --build-folder cmake-build-debug

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