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C++ Docker Client

Build Status


Docker Rest API v1.16 implementation with C++11 using lambda functions for callbacks.

This library is hosted in Biicode C++ dependency manager.

Biicode block lasote/docker_client

Also in github repository

Build status

Visual Studio 2012: Build status

Linux gcc: Build Status

Also working with: Windows with MinGW >=4.8, OSx with Clang > 6.0

Want to try it?

The project has many dependencies, we recommend you to use biicode to handle them:

Get started with biicode

Include this header in your source code file:

#include "lasote/docker_client/client.h"

Download the required dependencies:

bii find

Build the project:

bii cpp:build # to build the project

Take a look to the example:

How to use it

DockerClient client("http://localhost:4243");

// Error callback for all examples
ERR_F error_cb = [] (int status, string desc) {
  cout << "Error: " << status <<  endl  << desc;

auto c5 = client.logs_container([] (string out) {
  cout << "Response: " << out << endl;
}, error_cb, "c7ddced66641", true, true, true, true, "all");

auto c6 = client.list_containers([] ( jsonxx::Object ret) {
  cout << "Containers: " << ret.json() << endl;
}, error_cb, false, 13);

auto c7 = client.list_images([] ( jsonxx::Object ret) {
  cout << "Images: " << ret.json() << endl;
}, error_cb); 

// Its based on libuv event loop, so, run all the requests