Scalable peer service for Erlang.
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Build Status

Partisan is a flexible, TCP-based membership system for Erlang/Elixir.

Partisan features:

  • Single node testing, facilitated by a disterl control channel for figuring out which ports the peer service is operating at.
  • Messages are sent via TCP connections that are maintained to all cluster members.
  • Failure detection is performed TCP.
  • Connections are verified at each gossip round.
  • Configurable fanout.
  • On join, gossip is performed immediately, instead of having to wait for the next gossip round.
  • HyParView implementation.

Partisan has many available peer service managers:

  • Full membership with TCP-based failure detection: partisan_default_peer_service_manager.
  • Client/server topology: partisan_client_server_peer_service_manager.
  • HyParView, hybrid partial view membership protocol, with TCP-based failure detection: partisan_hyparview_peer_service_manager.
  • Static topology: partisan_static_peer_service_manager.