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A simple ruby-script to create backup from checkvist
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A simple ruby-script to create backup from checkvist

Requirements: ruby 1.9.2 tar

How to use

Usage: checkvist_backup.rb [options]
  -v, --verbose                    Output information
  -l, --login <email>              Your login (email)
  -k, --api_key <key>              Your API key
  -d, --output_dir <dir>           Where to place the output file (defaults to current directory)
  -f, --output_filename <file>     Name of the output file (defaults to "checkvist.tar.gz")
  -a, --include_archived           Set to include archived checklists
  -h, --help                       Display this screen


./checkvist_backup.rb -avl -k yoursupersecretkey

This will produce the file checkvist.tar.gz in the current directory containing all lists including the archived lists.


Cron is a great way of scheduling a backup.

If you're using RVM, you need to load that from Cron before it can execute the script.

This will produce a daily backup that will override the previous each day:

0 0 * * * bash -c 'source /home/<username>/.rvm/scripts/rvm && /usr/bin/env ruby /path/to/checkvist_backup/checkvist_backup.rb -al <checkvist login> -k <checkvist api key> -d /path/to/backup/output/file/'
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