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Arduino controlling RC switches with JavaScript UI

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Please note: this project is outdated with the dependencies.

Arduino RC Timer Switch

Arduino controlling RC switches with a JavaScript UI

  • Controll cheap 433MHz AC switches with arduino and web UI
  • No computer needed as a mediator
  • Multipurpose JSON REST interface
  • Teach devices to arduino by pushing the remote controller buttons
  • Remote controller actions are tracked by the arduino
  • Timers
  • Settings saved to a SD card

Dummy test UI:

I used these ones:

This model has the last two bits of the 24 bit control message set as 0 or 1 to set the state of the switch. Some other models use only the last bit and wont work without changes to the code.

Use with the modified Webduino and aJson libraries:

Other library dependencies:

Part list

  • Arduino Mega 2560 or a cheap clone
  • Wiznet W5100 ethernet / SD card reader chield (cheap ones seem to have problems with resetting)
  • 433MHz transmitter and receiver. 2$ shipped from ebay
  • DS1307 real time clock. 2$ shipped from ebay
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