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DISCLAIMER: I am not an electrical engineer. Please use with caution.

WARNING! Pulling too much current may cause controller to freeze. This can happen when LEDs are on full brightness or when displaying white (which is all 3 RGB LED's running at the same time). Unplug battery and plug back in to reset.

Verify equipment works.

  1. Plug LED strip into LED Controller.
  2. Plug LED Controller into Barrel Jack cable
  3. Plug Barrel Jack cable into Portable Battery
  4. Press power button on LED Controller
  5. Change brightness to ~50% to prevent from pulling too much current.
  6. If the controller pulls too much current, then it can freeze the controller. This can be reset by unplugging and replugging the battery.
  7. changing brightness is done by selecting a single solid color and then pressing and holding the "Speed +/-" buttons to increase/decrease brightness.
  8. For example, press the R button and hold the "Speed -" button till the lights are dimmer.

Assemble Case

Use these steps only if utilizing the 4"x6" craft case.

  1. Using 9/16" drill bit, Drill 2 holes 3/4" from each of the top corners of the craft case.
  2. Overlay the vinyl envelope on the top of the craft case.
  3. Drill through bottom half of vinyl envelope on top of the same drilled holes.
  4. Using the rivet set, drive rivets through vinyl envelope and craft case into the 2 drilled holes.

Assemble Lanyard

  1. Cut webbing to 42".
  2. Cut any loose frays and burn frays with fire with matches.
  3. Add dab of hot glue about 2" high, 1.5" inches from each end of webbing. (Doesn't need to be pretty)
  4. (Optional) Cut extra wires off of LED strip so that only connection to controller still exists.
  5. Feed LED strip into webbing
  6. Reconnect LED strip to LED Controller, Barrel Jack cable and Portable Battery. Turn on controller to verify connectivity.
  7. Open badge holder and feed webbing so that top of badge rests on hot glue glob. Close badge holder.

Add patterns for quick access

  1. You can press the "Mode +/-" buttons to find patterns you like.
  2. Add modes for quick access by pressing the "ADD DIY" button once you have the pattern you want to quickly reference. You can access it again by pressing the "DIY +/-" button again
  3. For example, Press "Mode +" till you find a pattern you want to keep. Press "Add DIY" button. Press "Mode +" until you find another pattern. Press "Add DIY" again. Then press "DIY +" to cycle through the two patterns you added.