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Simple TCP proxy with load balancing, failover and monitoring mechanisms

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Welcome to!

This is's fork of the balance tool, offering some neat new
features (like monitoring support) and bunch of bugfixes.

See debian/changelog for a list of changes or just pull the repo from

and use git log to see what has changed in even more detail.

Find the original README of balance below.

Marcus Holland-Moritz <>


Welcome to the source code distribution of balance !


Linux (i386/itanium), FreeBSD, BSD/OS:
        make install

        Uncomment the LIBRARY and INSTALL definitions in the Makefile.
        make install

If you have any problems just change the very simple Makefile to
fit your needs. Shared memory should be enabled on your machine.

For cygwin uncomment the cygwin definitions in the Makefile first.

Information about new releases, mailing lists and other related issues
can be found at the balance homepage .

Reports of successful use of balance are appreciated.

Have fun...
Thomas Obermair <>
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