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moost —'s collection of C++ utility libraries
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libmoost is a collection of C++ utility libraries, including:

  • algorithms (set intersection, hashing, variable length encoding, ...)
  • abstractions for compiler specific features
  • configuration
  • container data structures (e.g. LRU cache, memory mapped files)
  • message digests
  • smart pointers (in addition to boost smart pointers)
  • I/O helpers (e.g. async writer, file change watcher)
  • key-value store client wrappers for kyoto tycoon, bdb, etc.
  • logging
  • template metaprogramming
  • a stomp message queue client
  • object-oriented shared object loading
  • service framework (helpers for daemonisation, remote shell access, monitoring, etc.)
  • progress bars
  • postgres pgq abstraction
  • signal handling
  • string functions
  • unit test support
  • threading
  • transaction handling
  • timers
  • xml parser
  • complex data structure stringification
  • benchmarking
  • C++ name demangling
  • and more!


libmoost requires a recent C++ compiler (g++, clang++) and boost-1.42 or (ideally) higher. It uses mirbuild as the build system. Once the dependencies are satisfied, you can build and test libmoost with

./ test

and install it using:

sudo ./ install

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