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Last NullPointerException

Projects related to null analysis for developing NullPointerException safe code in Eclipse

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  1. eclipse-null-eea-augments eclipse-null-eea-augments Public

    Eclipse External null Annotations (EEA) repository

    Java 40 21

  2. eclipse-external-annotations-m2e-plugin eclipse-external-annotations-m2e-plugin Public

    M2E extension to setup Eclipse external annotations from pom.xml

    Java 22 11

  3. external-annotations-esperanto external-annotations-esperanto Public

    Tooling to convert different representations of externalized Java annotations to & fro' each other

    Java 1

  4. Public

    SCSS 2

  5. eclipse-external-annotations-m2e-plugin-p2-site eclipse-external-annotations-m2e-plugin-p2-site Public

    Eclipse p2 "Update" site for builds produced by the sources in the eclipse-external-annotations-m2e-plugin repo


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