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Eclipse Maven integration (M2E extension) for null analysis

Configures the path to Eclipse external annotations for null analysis on the Maven Dependencies and JRE containers classpath containers, and sets JDT compiler configuration:

  1. Allows to configure Java Compiler Project Properties from maven-compiler-plugin; read either from a dependency of maven-compiler-plugin containing a org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs file, or from configuration/compilerArguments/properties.

  2. Allows to configure the path to external annotations for the Maven Dependencies and JRE classpath containers. The path is

    • either taken from the m2e.jdt.annotationpath property in POM files, if it exists. This is used to configure one single archive of *.eea for ALL Maven dependencies AND the JRE.

    • or taken from the different properties in POM files. This is used to configure different locations for JRE and Maven dependencies.

      • m2e.eea.annotationpath.jre: The annotation path for JRE
      • m2e.eea.annotationpath.maven: The annotation path for Maven dependencies
      • m2e.eea.annotationpath.pde: The annotation path for required PDE plugins
    • or by individually associating archives on the projects main (not maven-compiler-plugin) dependencies with classpath entries, based on a eea-for-gav marker file in the *-eea.jar which indicates for which Maven GAV it holds external annotations.

p2 update site to install this from: http://www.lastnpe.org/eclipse-external-annotations-m2e-plugin-p2-site/ (The 404 is normal, just because there is no index.html; it will work in Eclipse.)

You can also build it yourself:

git clone https://github.com/lastnpe/eclipse-external-annotations-m2e-plugin.git
./mvnw clean package

see usage examples in lastnpe/eclipse-null-eea-augments/examples/ (or sylvainlaurent/null-pointer-analysis-examples for the older single EEA approach).

If you like/use this project, a Star / Watch / Follow on GitHub is appreciated.

see also http://lastnpe.org