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Memcached is a high performance multithreaded event-based key/value cache store intended to be used in a distributed system.


A fun story explaining usage:

If you're having trouble, try the wiki:

If you're trying to troubleshoot odd behavior or timeouts, see: is a good resource in general. Please use the mailing list to ask questions, github issues aren't seen by everyone!


  • libevent, (libevent-dev)
  • libseccomp, (optional, experimental, linux) - enables process restrictions for better security. Tested only on x86_64 architectures.


Be warned that the -k (mlockall) option to memcached might be dangerous when using a large cache. Just make sure the memcached machines don't swap. memcached does non-blocking network I/O, but not disk. (it should never go to disk, or you've lost the whole point of it)




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