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echo "Branch name: ${BRANCH_NAME}"
BUILD = BRANCH_NAME == 'master' ? 'latest' : BRANCH_NAME
echo "Build: ${BUILD}"
node ('master') {
checkout scm
echo "Build: ${BUILD}"
stage ('Build Building container') {
echo "Build: ${BUILD}"
sh "sudo docker build -t laszlocph/build-spring-boot-dummy:${BUILD} ."
stage ('Build in Container') {
def CONTAINER_ID = sh (
script: "sudo docker run -d --network=host laszlocph/build-spring-boot-dummy:${BUILD}",
returnStdout: true
echo "Container id: ${CONTAINER_ID}"
sh "sudo docker exec ${CONTAINER_ID} ./gradlew build"
sh "sudo docker cp ${CONTAINER_ID}:/spring-boot-dummy/build/libs/spring-boot-dummy-0.1.0.jar docker/spring-boot-dummy-0.1.0.jar"
sh "sudo docker stop ${CONTAINER_ID}"
sh "sudo docker rm ${CONTAINER_ID}"
stage ('Build Container with latest Build') {
dir('docker') {
sh "sudo docker build -t laszlocph/spring-boot-dummy:${BUILD} ."
sh "sudo docker push laszlocph/spring-boot-dummy:${BUILD}"