Performance Metrics Package for Imbalanced Data
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Performance Metrics Package for Imbalanced Data

The package provides MATLAB functions to calculate rank-based and threshold-based performance metrics for imbalanced datasets. Imbalanced datasets are frequently found in many applications. In a typical binary classification problem the imbalance of data can be defined by the skew ratio between the classes:

skew = negative examples / positive examples

In most cases the vast majority of examples are from one class, but the practitioner is typically interested in the minority (positive) class. With a few exceptions, performance scores are attenuated by skewed distributions. Skew is a critical factor in evaluating performance metrics. To avoid or minimize skew-biased estimates of performance, is it possible to normalize the performance scores to a fully balanced set. In these way, classifiers can be compared across databases free of confounds introduced by skew.

The package contains the following performance metrics:

  • Rank-based Metrics:

    • Area Under ROC Curve
    • Area Under Precision-Recall Curve
    • Interpolated Precision
    • Precision-Recall Breakeven Point
  • Threshold metrics:

    • Accuracy
    • Precision
    • Recall
    • F-Beta scores
    • Cohen's Kappa
    • Krippendorff's Alpha
    • Matthews Correlation Coefficient

For more details on the effect of skew, see

L. A. Jeni, J. F. Cohn and F. De la Torre. 2013. Facing imbalanced data - recommendations for the use of performance metrics. Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII 2013)