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Elm library to read and write to the console in Node.
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Elm Console Build Status

This library allows reading and writing from the console in Node. It is a replacement for maxsnew/IO, which is no longer updated.


An elm Program:

module Main where

import Console exposing (IO, (>>>), (>>=), forever, getLine, pure, exit, putStrLn)
import Task

import List
import Maybe
import String

echo : IO ()
echo = forever (getLine >>= putStrLn)

loop : IO ()
loop = getLine >>= \s ->
       if s == "exit"
       then pure ()
       else putStrLn s >>> loop
hello : IO ()
hello = putStrLn "Hello, Console!" >>>
        putStrLn "I'll echo your input until you say \"exit\":" >>>
        loop >>>
        putStrLn "That's all, folks!" >>>
        exit 0

port runner : Signal (Task.Task x ())
port runner = hello

link in some javascript and then run:

$ elm-make --yes test/Test.elm raw-test.js
$ ./ raw-test.js test.js
$ node test.js
Hello, Console!
I'll echo your input:
That's all, folks!

Design and Implementation

The implementation is based on the IOSpec haskell library.

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