Usable GUI for AWS Polly text-to-speech service.
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Usable GUI for AWS Polly text-to-speech service.


PyQt5 is used to display GUI. To install PyQt5 head off to their installation page. Package is currently heavily favouring Ubuntu as end OS. If you are one of the lucky ones then the installation requires:

$ sudo sh
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

For other OS you'd need PyQt5 and vlc.

If you're on Ubuntu you'll most likely need additional gstreamer packages. Otherwise you'll see something like defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "org.qt-project.qt.mediaplayer".


Since this is a GUI on top of AWS Polly it is assumed that one has credentials stored in default directory. This is ~/.aws/credentials on unix based systems.

Currently reading out is performed by downloading mp3 format of the request and then using mpg123 to play it. This isn't optimal and should be changed, but, for now, it works.

Suggested execution command

$ cd aws-polly-gui
$ python -m aws_polly_gui.main