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Login Page Modifications

When a store has enabled the OPC as well as either its registered-account handling (setting Configuration->One-Page Checkout Settings-> Enable Account Registration? to true) or guest-checkout (setting Configuration->One-Page Checkout Settings-> Enable Guest Checkout? to true) feature, the store's login page display is altered.

The page's layout is controlled by the setting Configuration->One-Page Checkout Settings-> Login Page Layout, which maps the page's five (5) blocks into one of three columns. That value is entered as an encoded string, using semi-colons (;) to separate columns and commas (,) to separate the blocks — the default value L;P,G,C;B was used to create the sample screenshot below.

Those page-level blocks are:

  1. L ... (required) The email/password login block.
  2. P ... (optional) The PayPal Express Checkout shortcut-button block. This block is displayed only if the customer has an item in their cart.
  3. G ... (required) The guest-checkout block. This block is displayed only if the customer has an item in their cart and OPC's guest-checkout is enabled.
  4. C ... (required) The create-account block.
  5. B ... (optional) The "Account Benefits" block.

When you include the Account Benefits block, you have control over the "benefits" displayed, by editing PHP constant definitions in includes/languages/english/login_guest.php. That file includes five (5) groups of constants, e.g.

define('HEADING_BENEFIT_1', 'Quick Checkout');
define('TEXT_BENEFIT_1', 'Save your favorite shipping addresses in your personal address book.  You will never have to re-type an address again!');

Each benefit has a title (HEADING_BENEFIT_x) and a description (TEXT_BENEFIT_x) and is displayed if both the title and description for a specific _x are defined and non-blank.


  • Sign In causes the store's login page to process the login attempt.
  • Check Out with PayPal sends the not-logged-in customer to PayPal for an express-checkout.
  • Checkout starts the OPC's guest-checkout process, taking the customer to the checkout_one page.
  • Sign Up causes the store's create_account page to be displayed.

The language-text associated with the changes is found in includes/languages/english/login_guest.php and the page-template is found in includes/templates/template_default/templates/tpl_login_guest.php.

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