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// Check
#import('dart:isolate'); // So concurrency is just libarary worth I mean in the days of milticore phones it is not worth a keywrod?
int sentCount = 0; // Simple counter for tracking number of message printed
// Keep track of number of messages
printMessage(String msg) {
print("Message ($sentCount) recieved:\n $msg");
// Function that needs no input
sayHello() {
// Function that prints out whatever message is sent it
echoMessage() {
port.receive((String msg, SendPort reply) { // Magic variable name 'port'? Is it a library or keyword?
printMessage("echoMessage: $msg");
// Function that prints the mssage and returns the count
messageCount() {
port.receive((String msg, SendPort reply) { // Magic variable name 'port'? Is it a library or keyword?
main() {
// First just run something in the background
// Now let send the thing we are running some type of data
SendPort oneWay = spawnFunction(echoMessage);
oneWay.send("Unix socket model not bad kind zeromq ish...");
// Ok now wait for a reply
SendPort twoWay = spawnFunction(messageCount);"Not sure what we are gaining by using this syntax instead of some magic wrapping").then((int count) { // Nice to be able to declare the type returning
print("Total messages is $count");
print("Expected the $count to be 3 right?"); // Isolates as in isolated variables form each other. Need to pass any data back and for modification
// Things could change but concurrency is pretty much a reality in programming that was not around when Javascript first came out. Why this is not a primitive core part of the language is behond me this isn't craptastic but seem pretty half backed for a language of this decade.
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