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= glitch-time
+==== <tt>gem install glitch-time</tt>
This is a port of the Glitch time converter documented here:
+=== Converts real time to Glitch Time
+In the world of Glitch a game day is four real hours long.
+There are 308 days in a glitch year.
+There are 24 hours in a day.
+There are 60 minutes in an hour.
+There are 4435200 real seconds in a game year.
+There are 14400 real seconds in a game day.
+There are 600 real seconds in a game hour.
+There are 10 real seconds in a game minute.
+The 308th day of the year, called Recurse, does not count as a weekday.
+The Glitch epoch began at 1238562000 Unix time.
== Copyright
Knock yourself out. Just give me credit where due.

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