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Lockdown UNix Auditing and Reporting

This scripts generates a scored audit report of a Unix host's security. It is based on the CIS and other frameworks.

Why a shell script? I wanted a tool that was able to run on locked down systems where other tools may not be available. I also wanted a tool that ran on all versions of UNIX. Having said that there are some differences between sh and bash, so I've used functions only from sh.

It can also can perform a lockdown. Unlike some other scripts I have added capability to backout changes. Files are backed up using cpio to a directory based on the date (see Examples below).

Supported Operating Systems:

Linux (Red Hat 5.x, Red Hat 6.x, Debian, and Ubuntu), Solaris (6,7,8,9,10 and 11), and Mac OS X

Supported Services:


More Information

For more information refer to wiki:



Solaris 11


Amazon Linux



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