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Build status

A Universal Windows App (UWP) client for's chatty.

This is built on top of the WinChatty v2 API.

Documentatation for the WinChatty v2 API is available here.

How to build

  • Clone the repo
  • Open Latest Chatty 8.sln with Visual Studio 2017 and the UWP SDK build 16299 or higher.
  • Build and go!

Recommended extensions

EditorConfig - Makes sure your tab, end of line, and whitespace settings match the project

XamlStyler - Makes life easier when formatting XAML. Be sure to disable reordering Grid and Canvas elements in the options for this project as the z-ordering is dependent on the XAML parsing order.


  • Sometimes I get lazy and don't clean up code or put things in the right place right away. I do this project out of love for free in my spare time. Don't judge me :(