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A cross-platform implementation of the Language Server Protocol providing rich cross-editing support for the LaTeX typesetting system. We provide an extension for Visual Studio Code.

Learn more about the project on our website.

Getting Started

See the installation chapter from our docs.

Building from Source

You will need to install the following dependencies to compile the server:

Then run the following command in the project folder:

cargo build --release

Alternatively, Rust users can run the following command without having to clone this repository:

cargo install --git --locked


You can create a debug build by building the server without the --release flag. The resulting build can be used with the Visual Studio Code extension by adding the absolute path of the target/debug folder to your PATH environment variable.

TexLab has an extensive test suite of unit and integration tests. You can run them by executing

cargo test

in the project folder.


See for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.