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This file contains instructions on how to deal with bugs in LaTeX2HTML
and important known bugs that should not be re-submitted.
If you encounter any problem, please try to check yourself whether your
setup is ok by verifying your configuration, reading the FAQ and the
troubleshooting section of the manual *before* contacting the address
below. You'll learn a lot and we won't be flooded by emails. Thank you.
If however you are pretty sure that you've found a bug - indeed this
is not a very rare situation :-) - then send an email to
Please be patient if you don't receive a reply within 24h, someone will
eventually answer your call.
Of course patches, i.e. bugfixes you've found yourself (best as context
diffs) are highly appreciated, but a concise report will help us too in
improving the code.
Attach your file (containing the most important information
about your local setup) if you think it may help in finding the problem.
You might also send example LaTeX code; please strip it down to minimum
size that still shows the error. Otherwise put it on the web and send the
URL so we can retrieve it ourselves (be careful with confidential
Please send bug reports, comments, questions and suggestions to the
discussion list: . We would appreciate receiving
any ideas for changes or improvements that you regard as appropriate.
Known bugs in this release: