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@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ \subsection*{Beginnings, 1993--1994}%

\item [Ian Foster and Bob Olson.]
Thanks to \IanFoster{} and \BobOlson{} at the Argonne National Labs,
for setting up the \maillist.
for setting up the mailing list.

@@ -309,8 +309,8 @@ \subsection*{Developments: late 1996 to mid 1997\label{recent97}}%
so far as is possible within the bounds inherent in the \HTMLiii\ standard.
\KrisRose\ showed how it is possible to create \texttt{GIF89} animations
from pictures generated by \TeX{} or \LaTeX{}, using the \XypicDK\ graphics
package and extensions, developed by himself and \XypicAUS.
from pictures generated by \TeX{} or \LaTeX{}, using the XY-pic graphics
package and extensions.

@@ -85,8 +85,7 @@ \subsection{Variation with HTML Versions\label{versions}}%
This extension (formerly known as \texttt{HTML} version 2.1)
provides extensions for \htmlref{internationalisation}{internat}.
Most importantly, the default character set is no longer ISO--8859--1
but \htmladdnormallink{ISO--10646}%
{} (Unicode).
but \htmladdnormallink{ISO--10646} (Unicode).
This is a 16-bit character set and can thus display a much larger set of characters.
There are also provisions for bidirectional languages
(e.g. in Arabic the text is written from right to left,
@@ -107,7 +106,7 @@ \subsection{Variation with HTML Versions\label{versions}}%
\item[math (\texttt{HTML3} model) \strikeout{Version 3.1}]
This extension (formerly referred to as \texttt{HTML} version 3.1)
adds support for the \htmladdnormallink{\texttt{HTML-Math} model}%
{}, originally
{}, originally
part of the proposed \texttt{HTML} 3.0 standard, see \htmlref{above}{html30}.
The only available browser
which can display this mark-up is \appl{Arena}.
@@ -220,7 +220,6 @@
\item[\gn{amsfonts.perl}] contains code to recognise or implement features of the \env{amsfonts} package for \LaTeX{}
\item[\gn{amstex.perl}] contains code to recognise or implement features of the \env{amstex} package for \LaTeX{}
\item[\gn{\textsl {anonymous ftp}}] pseudonym for use of the \appl{ftp} program as the \texttt{anonymous} user, for file-transfers
\item[\gn{\textsl {Archie}}] publicly-accessible database of files and programs available via \appl{anonymous ftp} or \htmladdnormallinkfoot{using the Web}{}
\item[\gn{\textsl {Arena}}] \htmladdnormallinkfoot{Web-browser}{}; currently the only one which displays \texttt{HTML} 3.1 math markup
\item[\gn{article.perl}] implements section-numbering conventions, etc. for the \emph{article} document-class
\item[\gn{bash}] a unix shell, does not directly support use of \latextohtml
@@ -88,8 +88,8 @@

@@ -106,24 +106,20 @@



@@ -214,7 +210,7 @@
{Herb Swan}}
\newcommand{\Lippmann}{\index{Lippmann, Jens}%\Email{}
\htmladdnormallink{Jens Lippmann}{\~{}lippmann}}
{Jens Lippmann}}
\newcommand{\Rouchal}{\index{Rouchal, Marek}%\Email{}
{Marek Rouchal}}
@@ -252,31 +248,28 @@
% (La)TeX related URLs
\newcommand{\CSEP}{\index{Computer Science Education Project!CSEP}%
\htmladdnormallinkfoot{Computer Science Education Project}%
{Computational Science Education Project (ORNL)}%
\newcommand{\CBLU}{\index{Computer Based Learning Unit!CBLU}%
\htmladdnormallinkfoot{Computer Based Learning Unit}%
{Computer Based Learning Unit}}%
\newcommand{\KrisRose}{\index{Rose, Kristoffer}%\Email{}
\htmladdnormallink{Kristoffer Rose}{\~{}krisrose/}}
{Kristoffer Rose}}
\newcommand{\XypicDK}{\index{Xy-pic@\Xy-pic graphics package}%
\index{Xy-pic@\Xy-pic graphics package!home page}%
\newcommand{\XypicAUS}{\index{Xy-pic@\Xy-pic graphics package!home page, down under}%
\htmladdnormallink{Ross Moore}{\~{}ross/Xy-pic.html}}
\newcommand{\LiPS}{\index{LiPS Design Team}%
\htmladdnormallink{LiPS Design Team}{}}
{LiPS Design Team}}
\newcommand{\FIDarmstadt}{\index{Fachbereich Informatik, Darmstadt}%
\htmladdnormallink{Fachbereich Informatik}{}}
\newcommand{\Darmstadt}{\index{Darmstadt!Fachbereich Informatik}%
\htmladdnormallink{DANTE e.V.}{}}
@@ -294,43 +287,43 @@

%% earlier contributions from...
\newcommand{\AndrewCole}{\index{Computer Based Learning Unit!Andrew Cole}%
\htmladdnormallink{Andrew Cole}{}}
{Andrew Cole}}
\newcommand{\AnaPaiva}{\index{Computer Based Learning Unit!Ana Maria Paiva}%
\htmladdnormallink{Ana Maria Paiva}{}}
{Ana Maria Paiva}}
\newcommand{\RodWilliams}{\index{Computer Based Learning Unit!Roderick Williams}%
\htmladdnormallink{Roderick Williams}{}}
{Roderick Williams}}
\newcommand{\JamilSawar}{\index{Computer Based Learning Unit!Jamil Sawar}%
\htmladdnormallink{Jamil Sawar}{}}
{Jamil Sawar}}

\newcommand{\RobertThau}{\index{Thau, Robert S.}%
\htmladdnormallink{Robert S. Thau}{mailto:}}
{Robert S. Thau}}

\newcommand{\RobertCailliau}{\index{Cailliau, Robert}%
\htmladdnormallink{Robert Cailliau}{mailto:}}
{Robert Cailliau}}

\newcommand{\EricCarroll}{\index{Carroll, Eric}%
\htmladdnormallink{Eric Carroll}{mailto: eric@ca.utoronto.utcc.enfm}}
{Eric Carroll}}

\newcommand{\FranzVojik}{\index{Vojik, Franz}%
\htmladdnormallink{Franz Vojik}{mailto: vojik@de.tu-muenchen.informatik}}
{Franz Vojik}}

\newcommand{\AxelBelinfante}{\index{Belinfante, Axel}%
\htmladdnormallink{Axel Belinfante}{mailto:}}
{Axel Belinfante}}

\newcommand{\ToddLittle}{\index{Little, Todd}%
\htmladdnormallink{Todd Little}{mailto: little@com.dec.enet.nuts2u}}
{Todd Little}}

\newcommand{\VerenaUmar}{\index{Umar, Verena}%
\htmladdnormallink{Verena Umar}{mailto: verena@edu.vanderbilt.cas.compsci}}
{Verena Umar}}

\newcommand{\IanFoster}{\index{Foster, Ian}%
\htmladdnormallink{Ian Foster}{mailto:}}
{Ian Foster}}

\newcommand{\BobOlson}{\index{Olson, Bob}%
\htmladdnormallink{Bob Olson}{mailto:}}
{Bob Olson}}


@@ -261,8 +261,6 @@ \subsection{Troubleshooting}%
This is usually part of each Unix-like operating system and
\appl{SDBM} is part of \Perl{ 5}, but sometimes this is either missing
on your operating system or left out in a binary \Perl{} distribution.
\htmladdnormallinkfoot{Use \appl{Archie}}{}
to find one or (better) update to a complete \Perl{ 5} distribution.

\item [\fn{latex2html} issues ``dbm'' related error messages: ]
If you get warnings like
@@ -583,9 +581,7 @@ \subsection{Troubleshooting}%
something like \verb|{article}| just before using \latextohtml.
One problem may be that all your slides will end up in the same \texttt{HTML}
If you use \fn{lslide.sty} you may get much better results
(\htmladdnormallinkfoot{use \appl{Archie}}{}
to find this or any other style files).
If you use \fn{lslide.sty} you may get much better results.

@@ -174,23 +174,6 @@ \subsection{Requirements}%
then you have to include the \fn{html.sty} file
in any \LaTeX{} documents that use them.

\index{browser!supports images}%
\index{NCSA Mosaic@\textsl{NCSA Mosaic}|see{\htmlref{browser}{IIIbrowser}}}%
\index{Netscape@\textsl{Netscape Navigator}|see{\htmlref{browser}{IIIbrowser}}}%
\index{browser!\textsl{NCSA Mosaic}}%
\index{browser!\textsl{Netscape Navigator}}%

Since by default the translator makes use of inlined images in the final
\texttt{HTML} output, it would be better to have a viewer
which supports the \HTMLtag{IMG} tag,
such as \htmladdnormallink{\textsl{NCSA Mosaic}}{\MosaicDocs}%
or \htmladdnormallink{\textsl{Netscape Navigator}}{\NetscapeHome}.
Any browser which claims to be compatible with \HTMLiii{} should meet
this requirement.

@@ -217,15 +200,15 @@ \subsection{Installation on Windows}
below. Thanks to Jens Berger (\texttt{})
for providing this list!
\item install \fn{WinZip} from \WinZipURL;
\item install \fn{WinZip};
\item install \TeX/\LaTeXe{} and \fn{dvips};\\
E.g. the \fn{MikTeX} $1.20$ distribution from \MikTeXURL.
\item install \fn{Perl};\\
E.g. \fn{ActivePerl} $509$ or higher from \ActiveStateURL.
Windows $95$ users will also need \fn{DCOM}, it is listed on
that download page, too.
\item install \fn{GhostScript};\\
E.g. \fn{Aladdin GhostScript} $5.50$ from \GhostScriptURL.
E.g. \fn{Aladdin GhostScript} $5.50$.
\item install the \fn{NetPBM} tools library from \NetpbmWinURL.
\item unpack \latextohtml{}, e.g. under \verb|C:\TEXMF\LATEX2HTML|;
\item check that the path to \fn{GSWIN32C.EXE} is added to the
@@ -492,6 +492,9 @@ sub do_cmd_internal{
||(s/$next_pair_rx/$prefix = $2; ''/eo));
## s/$next_pair_pr_rx/$prefix = $2; ''/eo;
$file = "${prefix}$";
if ($file !~ /^\Q$dd\E/) {
$file = ".$dd$file";
unless (-f $file) {
print "\nCould not find file: $file \n";
return ($_);

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