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release v2018.3

major changes:
- generate svg images (unless -image_type png specified)
- use pdflatex (unless -nouse_pdftex specified)
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Dan Gildea
Dan Gildea committed Jul 19, 2018
1 parent f4fd567 commit ef30aafc08411d4f2b832be1155c42ffa8f22b12
@@ -112,6 +112,11 @@
# A more detailed log history can be found within the particular files, near
# the top.
#--------- v2018.3
# - fix \sffamily
# - produce svg images using pdftocairo
# - use latex preview package to produce cropped images.pdf
# - pdflatex by default
@@ -441,8 +441,8 @@ package main;
use vars qw(%prefs %cfg %newcfg);

# This is the central place to modify the release name and date!!!
my $RELEASE = '2018.2';
my $VERSION = 'Released May 16, 2018';
my $RELEASE = '2018.3';
my $VERSION = 'Released July 19, 2018';

# --------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Open log
@@ -677,14 +677,12 @@ \section{Credits}
Argonne National Labs for setting up the
\latextohtml{} mailing list.
Special credit is due Marcus Hennecke \Email{}
for his many extensive revisions, Mark Noworolski
\Email{} for coordinating V 95.3,
Sidik Isani \Email{}, for his improvement
in GIF quality, and to Herb Swan \Email{} for
coordinating V 96.1 of \latextohtml.
Many others, too many to mention,
have contributed bug reports, fixes, and other suggestions. Keep them coming!
@@ -699,7 +697,6 @@ \section{Changes from Previous Versions}
\latextohtml{} distribution in the file \fn{Changes}.
\subsection{Changes upto v96}
\item[Tables and math support for HTML 3.0]
@@ -883,7 +880,6 @@ \subsection{Changes upto v96}
\item The ``\texttt{scale=}'' option of \verb|\htmlimage| now works.
\subsection{Changes up to v95}
@@ -1594,14 +1594,12 @@ \subsubsection{Fancy List-Markers\label{htmllist}}
which causes a user-defined item-mark to be placed at each new
item of the list, and which causes the optional description
to be displayed in bold letters.
The filename prefix for the item-mark image can be given as an
optional parameter; see example below. The images distributed with
\latextohtml{} for this purpose are listed with the description
of the \verb|\htmlitemmark| command, which provides an alternative
means of choosing the item-mark, and allows the image to be changed
for different items in the list.
\index{htmllist@\env{htmllist}!prints as@prints as \env{description}}%
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@
\item[\gn{\$IDX\_WIDTH}] with frames, holds the initial width of the index-frame; default = 200 pixels
\item[\gn{\$IMAGES\_ONLY}] if set, this run simply processes the \fn{images.tex} file generated on an earlier run
\item[\gn{\$IMAGE\_PREFIX}] specifies part of the filename, excluding numbers, for the \PS\ files produced by \fn{dvips}
\item[\gn{\$IMAGE\_TYPE}] specifies the graphics format for the images that may be generated; currently either \texttt{gif} or \texttt{png}
\item[\gn{\$IMAGE\_TYPE}] specifies the graphics format for the images that may be generated; currently either \texttt{svg}, \texttt{png} or \texttt{gif}
\item[\gn{\$INDEX}] when navigation panels are created, this holds a hyperlink to the \texttt{HTML} file that has the Index
\item[\gn{\$INDEX\_BANNER}] with frames, raw \texttt{HTML} to precede the Index listing, following the title
\item[\gn{\$INDEX\_FOOTER}] with frames, raw \texttt{HTML} to follow the Index listing
@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@

This document accompanies \latextohtml{} version 2018.2.
This document accompanies \latextohtml{} version 2018.3.

@@ -190,9 +190,6 @@
Portability for non-Unix systems has been achieved due to work done mainly by
\Rouchal, \Wortmann, \Popineau{} and \Taupin.

Changes for the \textsc{v98.1} revision are indicated with narrow change-bars.
Wider change-bars indicate where the most recent changes and features
added in \textsc{v99.1} are described.

@@ -177,8 +177,6 @@ \subsection{Troubleshooting}%
See the previous item for how to detect which command or environment
is causing the problem.

\item [\Perl{} cannot parse the \fn{latex2html} script: ]
If \Perl{} refuses to start \latextohtml{} and issues errors, your
\Perl{} version is not up to date.
@@ -191,12 +189,6 @@ \subsection{Troubleshooting}%
this can be obtained via the discussion list.

\item [It crashes (dumps core) as soon as it starts\label{perl}: ]
Update your \Perl{} to 5.003 or later.

\item [It does not show any of your images: ]
You can't run \latextohtml{} in a subdirectory that contains a dot
within the directory name, such as {\tt latex2html-98.1},
@@ -241,7 +233,6 @@ \subsection{Troubleshooting}%
See the previous item for the reason and `fix'.
This version of \latextohtml{} detects the problem
and will not allow images to be generated in the wrong place.

\item [\fn{dvips} complains about incorrect arguments:\label{dvips} ]
Please use a version which supports the command-line options \Cs{M}, \Cs{S},
@@ -264,7 +255,6 @@ \subsection{Troubleshooting}%
(swap space) of your machine.

\item [\fn{install-test} issues ``dbm'' related error messages: ]\latex{~\\}%
\latextohtml{} requires a DataBase Management system (\appl{NDBM},
\appl{GDBM}, or \appl{SDBM}) in order to run.
@@ -286,7 +276,6 @@ \subsection{Troubleshooting}%
If you get real error messages which cause \latextohtml{} to abort,
run \fn{install-test} to check if your DataBase management works.
You will probably need to re-install \Perl{ 5} (see above topic).

This can happen when an image is being created from a large piece
@@ -345,15 +334,13 @@ \subsection{Troubleshooting}%
\Lc{input} command on a line by itself, in the \LaTeX{} source files.

\item [\Lc{input} commands in \env{verbatim} environments: ]
These should no longer cause problems (actually since 97.1).
\Lc{input} commands are also handled correctly within comment environments
declared using \Lc{excludecomment}
and when loading multiple \texttt{.aux} files,
due to use of the \Lc{include} command.
Alternatively you might want to use
either the \env{verbatim} or the \env{verbatimfiles} package.

\item [Optional arguments in \env{description} environments: ]
If~you have optional arguments for the \Lc{item} command in
@@ -510,13 +497,13 @@ \subsection{Troubleshooting}%


Nesting of font changing commands is now handled correctly.
Such problems should no longer occur, though it always helps
to use explicitly delimited `pseudo'-environments; e.g.
\verb|{\bf ... }|, or \LaTeX's commands requiring an explicit argument,
such as \Lc{textbf}.

\item [Cannot get it to generate inlined images: ]
Run \latextohtml{} on your document, using the \Cs{debug} switch.
@@ -42,12 +42,14 @@ \subsection{Requirements}%
The specific requirements are discussed below.)
\item \Perl{} version 5.002, or later (check with \verb/perl -v/);
\item \Perl{} version 5.003, or later (check with \verb/perl -v/);
\item \LaTeX, meaning \LaTeXe{} dated \texttt{<1995/06/01>}, or later;
\item \fn{dvips} or \fn{dvipsk}, at version 5.58 or later;
\item \appl{Ghostscript} at version 4.02 or later;
\item \fn{netpbm} library of graphics utilities, version \textsc{1-mar-94}\\
(check with \fn{pnmcrop} \Cs{version}).
\item \fn{pdftocairo}, if you want to produce SVG images
(available through the poppler-utils package)

@@ -66,19 +68,6 @@ \subsection{Requirements}%
\textbf{Note:} \latextohtml{}\textbf{ requires \Perl{ 5} to operate}.

\textbf{Warning~1: }%
You really \emph{do} need \Perl{ 5}.\\
Versions of \latextohtml{} up to \textsc{v96.1}h work
both with \Perl{ 4} at patch level 36 and \Perl{ 5}\,,
though some of the packages may only work with \Perl{ 5}\,.\html{\\}

\textbf{Warning~2: }\index{requirements!Unix shell}%
Various aspects of \Perl{}, which are used by \latextohtml{}, assume
certain system commands to be provided by the operating system shell.
If \fn{csh} or \fn{tcsh} is used to invoke \latextohtml{}
then everything should work properly.\\
\Perl{ 5} eliminates this requirement on the shell.

\index{requirements!DataBase Management system}%
@@ -335,10 +324,8 @@ \subsection{Installation on Windows}
You should then have the following:
\item \fn{README} file;
\item \fn{Changes} index with latest changes;
\item \strikeout{\fn{Changes.detailed}} (no longer supplied);
\item \fn{latex2html} \Perl{} script;
\item \fn{texexpand} \Perl{} script\footnote{Initially written
by \RobertThau, completely rewritten by \Rouchal\ and \Lippmann.};
@@ -364,12 +351,10 @@ \subsection{Installation on Windows}
\item \fn{icons.png/} subdirectory, containing icons in PNG format;
\item \fn{makeseg} \Perl{} script and examples to handle segmented
documents via a generated Makefile, see \verb/makeseg.tex/;
\item \fn{docs/foilhtml/} contains \LaTeX{} package and \Perl{} implementation by \Veytsman,
to support \FoilTeX{} to \fn{HTML} translation;
\item \fn{IndicTeX-HTML/} package that contains \Perl{} and
\LaTeX{} code for translating Indic\TeX{} documents (see README file);
\item \fn{docs/} subdirectory, containing the files needed to create
a version of this manual;
\item \fn{styles/} subdirectory, containing \Perl{} code for handling
@@ -744,15 +729,13 @@ \subsection{Installing \protect\latextohtml}%

\index{\TeX{} Users Group (TUG)}\index{TUG!TUG: \TeX{} Users Group}%
\latextohtml{} is actively supported by the international
\TeX{} Users Group (\TUGurl). All users are encouraged to join \TUGurl,
to keep up-to-date with the latest development in \TeX{}, \LaTeX,
\latextohtml{} and related programs.
Consult the TUG Web pages at \url{}.


@@ -762,7 +745,6 @@ \subsection{Installing \protect\latextohtml}%
\index{support!mailing list}\index{mailing list!Argonne National Labs}

A \htmladdnormallink{\latextohtml{} mailing list}%
is managed by the international \TeX{} User Group (\TUGurl).
@@ -772,7 +754,6 @@ \subsection{Installing \protect\latextohtml}%
(Thanks to \IanFoster{} and \BobOlson, and others.)
Since February 1999, it has been run by \TUGurl, thanks to
\ArtOgawa{} and \RossMoore.

To join send a message to: \Email{ }
@@ -608,7 +608,6 @@ \subsubsection{Options controlling Extensions and Special Features}

\index{index!codified links}%

\item [ -no\_fork\label{cs_no_fork}]
\sameas{\fn{\$NOFORK}\texttt{ = 1;}}\\
@@ -625,7 +624,6 @@ \subsubsection{Options controlling Extensions and Special Features}
This enables you to specify a different language type than
\texttt{'EN'} to be used in the DTD entries of the \texttt{HTML}
document, e.g. \texttt{'EN.US'}.

\item [ -short\_index\label{cs_shortindex}]
\sameas{\fn{\$SHORT\_INDEX}\texttt{ = 1;}}\\
@@ -652,12 +650,10 @@ \subsubsection{Options controlling Extensions and Special Features}
are available.

\item [ -numbered\_footnotes\label{cs_numbered_footnotes}]
\sameas{\fn{\$NUMBERED\_FOOTNOTES}\texttt{ = 1;}}\\
If this is set you will get every footnote applied with a subsequent
number, to ease readability.

\index{address!using a subroutine}%
@@ -701,6 +697,13 @@ \subsubsection{Switches controlling Image Generation}

\item [ -image\_type \label{cs_image_type}]
Specify the type of images to be generated. Depending on your setup,
LaTeX2HTML can generate svg, png or gif images. Vector formats such as
svg look better at high resolution, while bitmap formats such as
png or gif are generally faster to download and to render.

\item [ -use\_dvipng \label{cs_use_dvipng}]
Use the dvipng program to generate png images, rather than
@@ -877,7 +880,6 @@ \subsubsection{Switches controlling Image Generation}
printed images can be badly blurred, even at 300dpi.
Higher resolution printers do a much better job with the resulting grey-scale images.

\index{images!white background}%
\item [ -white\label{cs_white}]
\sameas{\fn{\$WHITE\_BACKGROUND}\texttt{ = 1;}} (Default is 1.)\\
@@ -903,7 +905,6 @@ \subsubsection{Switches controlling Image Generation}
then again to load and use it.
The pay-off comes with the faster loading on subsequent runs.
Approximately 1 Meg of disk space is consumed by the dump file.

@@ -1212,7 +1213,7 @@ \subsubsection{Other Configuration Variables, without switches}

\item [\fn{\$IMAGE\_TYPE}\texttt{ = '\Meta{image-type}';}]
Set in \fn{latex2html.config}, the currently supported \Meta{image-type}s
are: \texttt{gif} and \texttt{png}.
are: \texttt{svg}, \texttt{png} and \texttt{gif}.

\item [\fn{\$DVIPS}\texttt{ = 'dvips';}]
Read from \fn{latex2html.config} by \fn{install-test},
Oops, something went wrong.

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