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                             FOILHTML PACKAGE

                        Version 1.2, February 17, 1998

                              Boris Veytsman  
               Home page:

   The standard FoilTeX system is based on a visual rather than
   logical formatting. Thus automatic conversion of FoilTeX 
   documents to HTML format is difficult. In particular, the
   well-known LaTeX2HTML converter gives unsatisfactory results
   when used on FoilTeX documents.
   This package provides integration between FoilTeX and
   LaTeX2HTML. It adds sectioning commands and elements of logical
   formatting to FoilTeX and provides support for FoilTeX commands
   in LaTeX2HTML. It also supports automatic creation of
   LaTeX2HTML images with proper font sizes and shapes when
   converting FoilTeX documents.


Since FoilHTML is an add-on to FoilTeX and LaTeX2HTML, you need both
these programs installed and working prior to installation of
FoilHTML. This package is intended for LaTeX2e only; I don't have
enough time to port and test it under LaTeX2.09. It is tested under
FoilTeX v2.1 and LaTeX2HTML v96, 97, 98.

The FoilHTML distribution consists of the following files:

 - readme.v12---Read Me file
 - foilhtml.dtx---the fully documented code
 - foilhtml.ins---the LaTeX program extracting the code from the .dtx file. 

To install the package:

 - Run LaTeX on foilhtml.ins. This will create the following files:
     o foilhtml.perl---Perl script for LaTeX2HTML96-1,
     o foils.perl---Perl script for LaTeX2HTML97-1,
     o foilhtml.sty and foilhtml.cfg---LaTeX style file and the
         configuration file for user-customization,
     o foilhtml.drv---documentation driver.
     o foilhtml-96.perl and foils-97.perl---obsolete versions of
         Perl scripts required only if you have an obsolete installation

 - Put foils.perl to the directory where your LaTeX2HTML 
     scripts reside (usually it is styles subdirectory of the main 
     LaTeX2HTML directory, e. g. /usr/local/lib/latex2html/styles). 
 - Tune the configuration file foilhtml.cfg according to your
     taste and put it together with the file foilhtml.sty to the
     directory read by LaTeX. 
 - Run LaTeX on  foilhtml.drv to produce the documentation (the 
     documentation driver foilhtml.drv reads the contents of the file 
     foilhtml.dtx, so do not delete the latter until you produced the 
 - (Optional) to produce the documentation and the code run
     LaTeX through the file foilhtml.dtx

If you have older versions of LaTeX2HTML, your best options is to upgrade. 
However, if you cannot do this by some reason, you can use the previous
versions of the perl scripts. Just rename the files foilhtml-96.perl 
or foils-97.perl to foilhtml.perl or foils.perl correspondingly
and install them in the |styles| subdirectory.

What's New in Version 1.2:
 - Added support for LaTeX2HTML98-1.

What's New in Version 1.1:
 - Added support for LaTeX2HTML97-1.