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Javier Compatibility \set..font vs \babelfont improved.
* Extended \bbl@sreplace to take prefixes into account
* Experimental readjusting of ini values with \babelprovide
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babel.dtx Compatibility \set..font vs \babelfont improved. Jul 28, 2019
babel.ins Compatibility \set..font vs \babelfont improved. Jul 28, 2019
babel.pdf Compatibility \set..font vs \babelfont improved. Jul 28, 2019
bbcompat.dtx Compatibility \set..font vs \babelfont improved. Jul 28, 2019
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Babel 3.33.1716

This package manages culturally-determined typographical (and other) rules, and hyphenation patterns for a wide range of languages. Many language styles work with pdflatex, as well as with xelatex and lualatex out of the box. A few even work with plain formats.

The latest stable version is available on

Languages are not part of the Babel core any more; in particular, it shall be no longer necessary to synchronize Babel core releases with releases of Babel language files. See CONTRIB for further details about contributing a language. You may also create an ini file or improve the existing ones -- it's a trivial task (no programming skills required at all), but don't hesitate to ask for help.

Included is a set of ini files for about 200 languages.

The best way to install and/or update it is with the help of package managers.

Changes are described in babel.pdf with the label "New ". The manual has been expanded to include some tips and tricks, but it will be improved in next releases.

Reporting Bugs

If you wish to report a problem or bug in any of these packages please use the Issue Tracker for LaTeX2e on GitHub and follow the guidelines that pop up if you press the New issue button.

In particular, to check that you are really seeing a bug, please write a short, self-contained document that shows the problem. This should include the latexbug package, which will warn if your test file is not suitable for one or the other reason. See the CONTRIBUTING guide for further details, or if you need to obtain the latexbug package.

If the bug turns out to be with third-party software then please contact the developer, and not us!

You may also report them to the current maintainer more informally on:

Bugs related to specific languages are best reported to their respective authors.

Latest changes

3.34   ---
       - Improved compatibility for \babelfont vs \setmainfont
3.33   2019-07-19
       - \prehyphenchar set to 0 in languages requiring it: kannada,
         marathi, tamil, etc. (lua).
       - \AddBabelHook can be set for specific languages.
       - Fix - !\grq in T1 behaved like the ligature !`.
       - Minimal preliminary support for the experimental harftex.
3.32   2019-06-03
       - CJK line breaking is now disabled in verbatim (lua).
       - New - \babelcharproperty, to change the direction, mirroring
         glyph and line break properties (lua).
       - Basic support for the picture environment (with pict2e) and pgf
         (lua, somewhat experimental).
       - Start support for harftex (just try - it may work).

3.31   2019-05-04
       - Basic support for line breaking with CJK scripts (lua)
       - layout=tabular now works with the 'array' package (and some
         others; lua).

3.30   2019-04-22
       - Fix - dir in boxes inside math (hopefully now it works; lua).
       - Option mapdigits for \babelprovide, which converts European
         digits to local ones (lua).

3.29    2019-04-03
       - The fix for boxes inside math is incompatible with ams.
         Removed (a better fix is under study).
       - Options bidi-l and bidi-r (for the bidi package; xe).

3.28    2019-04-01
       - Fixes - wrong dir after math, in math inside tabular, in weak L
         inside R inside L, and in boxes inside math.
       - \babelfont now takes into account \defaultfontfeatures. This
         is a potential source of backwards incompatibilities, but
         very likely the risks are very low, and it is, I think, the
         expected behavior.

3.27   2018-11-13
       - Preliminary support for bidi (by Vafa Khalighi) with xetex.
       - Fix for 3.23 - \ensureascii was redefined even when not 
       - Minor improvements in babel-vi.ini.

3.26   2018-10-16
       - Fix for 3.25 - \babelprovide raised an error with xetex. 

3.25   2018-10-03
       - Fixes for 3.23 - mapfont=direction could raise an error.
       - Language and Script were not always defined correctly.
       - Improved tentative support for Thai, Lao and Khmer in both 
         luatex and xetex.

3.24   2018-09-26
       - Prelimimary support for Thai interword spacing with luatex.

3.23   2018-09-02
       - After extensive tests and fixing some issues, bidi=basic is 
         not experimental any longer.
       - import in \babelprovide does not require a language code if
         the language name is a recognized one.
       - New macro: \ifbabelshorthand.
       - TS1, T3 and TS3 have been added to the non-ascii list, to 
         avoid problems in case no ASCII-savvy encoding is requested.
       - Define Language and Script if fontspec does not known them (eg, 
         the Japanese script).
       - Set the \thepage bidi bahavior in foots/heads.
       - Fix - Undefined \bbl@stripslash in Plain.

3.22   2018-06-05
       - Fix - Error with \chapter if empty in ini
       - Prelimimary support for Sanskrit
       - Unknown languages in aux files do not raise an error
         any more (only show a warning).

3.21   2018-05-10
       - Fix - equation numbers raised an error.
       - Two minor changes: if no language is requested load nil 
         instead of raising an error, and the message 'babel <x.x>...'
         is not printed to the log any more.

3.20   2018-05-02
       - ini files with the field digits.native define
         \<language>digits and \<language>counters. \arabic can be
         redefined to use native digits.
       - Fix - mapfont in bidi=basic didn't take into account combining
         marks (eg, Arabic vowels).
       - Fix - A bug introduced in 3.19, which sometimes reversed text 
         in \hbox'es.
       - Fix for luatex 1.07 - An internal change in luatex broke
         bidi at 'automatic' hyphens.
       - Fix for latest latex - babel.ins raised an error.

Javier Bezos

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