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Babel 3.65.2536

This package manages culturally-determined typographical (and other) rules, and hyphenation patterns for a wide range of languages. Many language styles work with pdflatex, as well as with xelatex and lualatex out of the box. A few even work with plain formats. Included is a set of ini files for about 250 languages.

The latest stable version is available on

Changes in version 3.65 are described in:

Apart from the manual, you can find information on some aspects of babel at:

The best way to install and/or update it is with the help of package managers.

Reporting Bugs

If you wish to report a problem or bug in any of these packages please use the Issue Tracker for LaTeX2e on GitHub and follow the guidelines that pop up if you press the New issue button.

In particular, to check that you are really seeing a bug, please write a short, self-contained document that shows the problem. This should include the latexbug package, which will warn if your test file is not suitable for one or the other reason. See the CONTRIBUTING guide for further details, or if you need to obtain the latexbug package.

If the bug turns out to be with third-party software then please contact the developer, and not us!

You may also report them to the current maintainer more informally on:

Bugs related to specific languages are best reported to their respective authors.

Summary of Latest changes

3.66   2021-??
       * Fixes:
         - tcolorbox in vertical and horizontal mode (#146)
3.65   2021-10-19
       * Fixes a severe bug with 'spanish' introduced in 3.64 (#154).
3.64   2021-10-13
       * Added a few counters to CJK.
       * Restored the previous behavior of \selectlanguage with
         relation to \write (see #114).
       * Fixes:
         - babel errors on document option 'chinese' (#141).
         - name.babel in ini files set inconsistently (#149).
       * Now babel.def and babel.sty are separate files (for
         Plain-based formats and LaTeX, respectively).

Previous changes