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This is the home page for babel, the multilingual environment for latex (and sometimes plain) with pdftex, luatex, and xetex. There is also experimental support for luahbtex, which will be the engine used by lualatex in TeXLive 2020 (see the latest LaTeX News for futher details).


What's new

Version Most relevant changes
3.42 \getlanguageproperty. Syriac, Coptic, Church Slavic.
3.41 Counters and numerals (alphabetic and additive).
3.40 Locale ini files for Latin and Greek. ‘Other’ characters in hyphenation patterns.
3.39 Locale loading on the fly.
3.38 Automatic switching of locale and fonts based on script (lua).
3.37 Non-standard hyphenation, like f-fff-f (lua).
3.36 Polytonic Greek. Improvements in Chinese.
3.35 Shorthands work in bibs and refs even with safe=none.
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