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Thanks for considering contributing to LaTeX3: feedback, fixes and ideas are all useful. Here, we (The LaTeX Project) have collected together a few pointers to help things along.


Please log bugs using the issues system on GitHub. Handy information that you might include, depending on the nature of the issue, includes

  • Your version of expl3 (from your .log)
  • Your TeX system details (for example 'TeX Live 2017')
  • Which engine(s) you are using (e.g. pdfTeX)
  • Any additional packages that are needed to see the issue (noting that of course we can only help with bugs in our own code)

Feature requests

Feature requests are welcome: log them in the same way as bugs, explaining the motivation for the change.

Code contributions

If you want to discuss a possible contribution before (or instead of) making a pull request, drop a line to the team.

There are a few things you may need to bear in mind

  • l3kernel is 'broadly' stable so any changes there are best raised first by mailing the team
  • New functions normally get added via l3candidates or (for new modules) l3trial

If you are submitting a pull request, notice that

  • The first line of commit messages should be a short summary (up to about 50 chars); leave a blank line then give more detail if required
  • We use Travis-CI for (light) testing so add [ci skip] to documentation-only commit messages
  • We favour a single linear history so will rebase accepted pull requests
  • Where a commit fixes or closes an issue, please include this information in the first line of the commit message [(fixes #X) or similar]