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Mathematical tools to use with amsmath
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The mathtools bundle


The mathtools package provides many useful tools for mathematical typesetting. It is based on amsmath and fixes various deficiencies of amsmath and standard LaTeX. It provides:

  • Extensible symbols, such as brackets, arrows, harpoons, etc.
  • Various symbols such as \coloneqq (:=).
  • Easy creation of new tag forms.
  • Showing only the referenced equations.
  • Extensible arrows, harpoons and hook arrows.
  • Starred versions of the amsmath matrix environments for specifying the column alignment.
  • More building blocks: multlined, cases-like environments, new gathered environments.
  • Math versions of \makebox, \llap, \rlap, etc.
  • Cramped math styles.
  • and more ...

mathtools requires mhsetup.


The empheq package is a visual markup extension designed to function on top of amsmath. It features:

  • Boxing multi line math displays while leaving equation numbers untouched at the margin. Any kind of box will do.
  • Making the ntheorem package place end-of-theorem markers perfectly.
  • Placing arbitrary material on either side of math displays. This includes delimiters that automatically scale to the correct size.

empheq requires mathtools.


The mhsetup package defines various programming tools needed by both empheq and mathtools. In the future, most of these tools will probably be an integral part of LaTeX3.

Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Morten Hoegholm
Copyright (C) 2012-2019 Lars Madsen
Copyright (C) 2020 Lars Madsen, The LaTeX3 Project
All rights reserved.

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