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This is the original readme file of the LaTeX 2.09 validation package (which
was never widely published or distributed) but which was used extensively for
regresion tests for LaTeX (and later after updating for LaTeX2e).

I placed it here as I indent to build a publically available version for both
LaTeX2e and expl3 fairly soon and need a place to keep the files.

What is here right now will not work out of the box

frank  2008-09-14


This file is part of the validate package.


Copyright (C) 1992 by David Carlisle, Frank Mittelbach.
All rights reserved.


You are not allowed to change this readme file.

This package contains the tools and the documentation of the automated
validation system for changes to LaTeX2.09.

The purpose of this system is to detect errors introduced by bug fixes
to the official LaTeX before such changes are distributed. For more
details see the documentation.

The quality of the automated checking system depends largely on the
number of test files in it. Therefore we are constantly looking for
additional test files to make the system even better.

If you got this package you have probably volunteered to help us in
writing new test files. Nevertheless, if you ran into the package by
chance you are nevertheless invited to help :-)

You should get the following files:

checktlg	UNIX script to check a test file against its
		``hand-checked'' test output from an earlier run
		(a so called tlg file).

maketlg		UNIX script to generate a tlg file from a test file.

readme.val	This file.

test209.tex	A file containing a set of helper commands for use
                in test files.

testing.ltx	The documentation on how to write and check test

tlen01.lvt	A sample test file (lvt stands for LaTeX validation

tlen01.tlg	The output from the sample test file.

tarr2.lvt	A second sample file testing some bugs that showed up
                in release of array.sty.

tarr2.tlg	The output from the second sample file.

Please run the documentation file `testing.ltx' through LaTeX to get
some more detailed information about the procedures and concepts
behind this system.

If you have written and tested some new test files please submit them
to the following address for inclusion into the system:

Frank Mittelbach  <>

Thanks for your work.

The \fileversion and \filedate lines below are generated so that you
can easily check differences to your version by using diff etc.

        readme.val:      \filedate{92/06/28}
        test209.tex:     \fileversion{v1.0a}
        test209.tex:     \filedate{92/06/28}
        testing.ltx:     \fileversion{v1.0a}
        testing.ltx:     \filedate{92/06/28}
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